Sela Holkeson is a Dutch/French fashion photographer from Amsterdam. Born in Sète, France.  Femininity, Sexiness, Attitude and Sophistication that’s what it’s all about in Sela’s work. It’s voyeuristic and addictive.

Behind every shoot there’s a concept, and he never takes a photo just to show the clothes. At the first place his work must tell a photographic story, where the clothes are just processed in the shoot. Because he works with old camera’s that sometimes go their own way, he has to think carefully before he takes the picture. He also works on his feelings, and is not searching for photographic perfection. That’s why he says: Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”.
Sela is mainly working with different analogue camera’s, but sometimes shoot digital because it’s much more cheaper. To be exact: 80% analogue and 20% digital. Sela says: ‘I shoot on film. I love it. I feel it. ‘I eat with my eyes’.’
 Something that’s really important is that he’s combining fashion and art. Sela loves special locations and he is also doing some studio work. It must be sexy, but not that obvious. There always must be something kept for the imagination….